Kate Write
Kate Wright OzStar

Tour Dates ~2012~

17th – 23rd January – The Western Australian Circus Festival: ‘Festival T.V’, ‘Roxy Gold ‘and ‘MC: Ding Dong’ (AUS)

26th January – Australia Day 2012 Parramatta Park: ‘MC: OzStar Airlines’ and dotComedy walkabout ‘The Prawn Stars’ (AUS)

29th January – Street Theatre Events Rundle Mall Adelaide: dotComedy walkabout ‘The Autograph Hunters’ (AUS)

5th February – Adelaide Fringe program launch:’ Ding Dong’ (AUS)

22nd February – Adelaide Fringe Caravan Media Event – ‘Ding Dong’ (AUS)

24th February – Adelaide Fringe Opening Parade – ‘Performance on Fringe Float’ (AUS)

24th February – 18th March – Adelaide Fringe- ‘Host of Tour of the Unexpected – Bus Conducters’ (AUS)

26th February – 1st March- APAM – ‘Delegate at Australian Performing Arts Market’ (AUS)

1st March – Premier Adelaide’s Reception – ‘Ding Dong’ (AUS)

2nd March – 4th March – Desert Fringe – ‘Ding Dong’, ‘Roxy Gold’ and ‘dotComedy’ (AUS)

8th March – 10th March – Adelaide Festival Barrio Club – ‘Roxy Gold’ and ‘OzStar Airlines’ (AUS)

14th March – Adelaide Fringe corporate Event – ‘dotComedy characters’ (AUS)

4th April – Adelaide gig – 'Ding Dong' (AUS)

6th - 9th April – Circularity Festival – 'Ding Dong', 'MC Caberet', 'teach hula hoop workshops' (AUS)

27th – 29th April – Festival Derry – Performing with dotComedy on production ‘Get Lost dotMaze’ (IE)

30th April – 7th May – Festival of Fools – Performing and facilitating with dotComedy teaching project ‘The Chain’ (IE)

14th – 18th June – Berlinlacht – 'Ding Dong' (DE)

18th – 23rd June – Berkshire gig – (U.K)

6th – 8th July – Winchester Hat Fair – Ding Dong' (U.K)

13th July – 28th July – Just for Laughs – Performing with dotComedy on production ‘Get Lost dotMaze’ (CA)

2nd August – 5th August – Festival of Fools – Ding Dong, FTV and dotComedy (USA)

8th August - 12th August – Olympic Games London 2012 – ‘Sports Desk’ dotComedy (U.K)

13th August - 18th August – Santa Sofia Buskers Festival – ‘Ding Dong’ (IT)

18th – 19th August – V Festival – ‘Ding Dong’ (U.K)

30th August - 2nd September – Kendall Mint Fest – FTV (U.K)

8th - 9th September – Watch this Space Festival, London National Theatre – Ding Dong (U.K)

13th – 14th October – Port Fairy Spring Music Festival – Ding Dong (AUS)

29th August - The London Paralympic Games - dotComedy walkabout 'Sports Desk' (U.K)

Tour Dates ~2011~

20th - 30th January – Christchurch World Buskers Festival; ‘Ding Dong’ and ‘Roxy Gold’.

11th February – 13th March – The Garden of Unearthly Delights Adelaide Fringe Festival: ‘Ding Dong’ in Mr Spin’s ‘The Castello’ Tent.

18th February – The Adelaide Fringe Club and VIP opening night party: Performing in dotComedy’s ‘The Autograph Hunters’

24th – 26th February – Cellar Door Wine Festival Adelaide: Stacey walkabout from ‘OzStar Airlines’.

5th – 6th March – The Adelaide Street Theatre Festival: Performing in dotComedy’s ‘The M.I.S Information Tent’

7th April to the 24th April – The Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Performing the company dotComedy’s ‘Get Lost’ dotMaze.

28th April – 2nd May – Festival of Fools: Performing with dotComedy walkabout (NI)

31st May – 1st June – Fool of Muncaster: Ding Dong (U.K)

5th June – Bedlam Fair Bath: Performing with dotComedy ‘Zonika and Freed’ (U.K)

10th June – Peterborough Festival: Ding Dong (U.K)

24th – 27th June – Glastonbury Festival: ‘Roxy Gold’ and ‘Zonika and Freed’ (U.K)

2nd July – 9th July – Parklife Festival: Guest Tutor on dotComedy project (U.K)

13th July – 14th July - Bydgoszcz festival poland: Ding Dong (PL)

20th July – 24th July – Linz plafsterpektakel: Ding Dong (AT)

26th July – 28th July – Kulturufer Festival: Ding Dong (CH)

30th July – Harrogate International Festival: Ding Dong (U.K)

4th August – 6th August – Halmstad Gatuteater: Ding Dong (SE)

14th August – Summer Sunday’s Belfast: Ding Dong (U.K)

16th August - 18th August – Stockholm Culture Festival: Ding Dong (SE)

19th August – 20th August – Malmo Festival: Ding Dong (SE)

24th August – 28th August – Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Ding Dong and Roxy Gold (U.K)

27th August – Streets of Durhum: Ding Dong (U.K)

10th September – 11th September – Watch this Space, National Theatre; Thames Festival: Festival T.V and Ding Dong (U.K )

17th September – Boom Boom Cabaret: Ding Dong (U.K)

27th September – 22nd October – Rugby World Cup Fanzones: dotComedy and Ding Dong (N.Z)

16th November – Adelaide Fringe media gig: Ding Dong (AUS)

23rd November – Adelaide Fringe Sponser gig: dotComedy (AUS)

9th December – Adelaide Fringe program launch: Ding Dong (AUS)