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Kate Wright FTV

The Dynamite Duo Show

Show info:

Husband and wife team, Katie Wright Dynamite (Australia) and Bonebreaking Leo (NYC) have teamed up to bring you double trouble circus mixed with comedy and masses of fun! Be amazed at Katie Wright Dynamite's hula hoop madness and madcap juggling of clubs, fire and knifes! Be surprised as Bonebreaking Leo lives up to his name and contorts his body into positions you didn't think were possible! This show is literally twisted, defiantly ridiculous and super fun for all ages. 

Performer Info:

Katie Wright Dynamite has performed in 27 countries over the past 15 years. She has worked in TV, street theatre, circus and cabaret. Bonebreaking Leo has performed for years in sideshow, circus, film, TV and theatre. He has worked for companies such as The Met Opera (NYC), Circus Rio (AUS), Australian Dance Theatre and has literally performed hundreds of shows as a regular cast member at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. This showbiz family juggle (pun intended) their performing life with their little boy Leo. 

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