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Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!

Get Katie out to your festival, school, or event to teach workshops!

Workshops will have a focus on having fun and learning new skills in a non-competitive, supportive and inclusive environment.

Every workshop will begin with a physical warm up game followed by a group stretch.

Skills taught could include the following and depend on how many workshops you would like, the age range of the group and what you would like the focus to be:

Human Pyramids: students will learn different ways to make shapes with each other by making pyramids in a safe and fun way.

Balance Skills: such as unicycle, rola bola and balancing objects.

Creative dance skills: including exploring movement through structured improvisations and learning choreographic tools.

Performance skills: Explored through theatre sports games and improvisation techniques. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate new skills or create short performances to demonstrate to the class. Students will be provided with lead in questions to respond to their class mates work and learn about active audience participation.

Manipulation Skills: such as hula hoop, juggling, diabolo, flower sticks, poi and plate spinning.

Slapstick and Clowning: Students will learn some of the classic slapstick moves and ways to explore their natural clown.

Katie has been doing Circus workshops to our Middle Years student leaders for two years. She brings so much energy and passion and our students find this infectious and love learning skills that they will use in the Stirling Xmas Pageant. Katie is always professional, organized and pitches activities perfectly for our group. She demonstrates and encourages our students (some who have never performed before) to have a go, play and practice. I also love that she brings music which creates a fun creative vibe - Jayne Fulbrook, The Arts Student Leadership Mentor, Heathfeild Highschool 

Katie Wright Dynamite can facilitate education opportunities for young people to adult.

Qualifications and information:

Circus Coach:

Katie has been coaching in between her performing commitments at Adelaide’s Cirkidz Circus since she graduated as a Cirkidz troupe member 20 years ago. Her coaching has involved teaching from ages 3 to adult and teaching across a range of different platforms including many social circus programs teaching people from ‘at risk’ and minority backgrounds. Katie has also taught many indigenous circus programs working closely with Aboriginal communities to deliver the best program possible.

 In addition to coaching at Cirkidz, Katie has taught at circus festivals including the Western Australian Circus Festival and the Tasmanian Circus Festival. She has also taught independently for countless arts festivals, both primary and secondary schools and in corporate settings. 

Primary School Teacher:

Katie is a qualified Primary School Teacher holding a Masters of Education from the University of South Australia. 

SkyHigh Circus Arts:

In 2019 Kate and her partner Leo, started a small circus school in the Adelaide Hills called SkyHigh Circus Arts: http://skyhighcircusarts.com

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