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I write in support of Kate Wright, who I have had the absolute pleasure to work with over the last five years in my role as Director and CEO of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Kate is funny, clever, gorgeous, quick-witted, and highly skilled and audiences absolutely love her. Why wouldn’t you, she has a fabulous down-to-earth, super charismatic personality that is fun and lovable and audiences of all ages love her. Kate always delivers; she is professional, versatile, has great circus tricks in her repertoire and is a great improviser, all of which makes her a terrific host/mc. For the past five years she has hosted the Fringe’s main showcase- stage in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall winning over audiences with a number of hilarious and unique characters she developed especially for the role. The Fringe stage featured a diverse range of Fringe artists' showcasing their work and Katie’s role as MC meant she had to introduce hundreds of artists over the 4 weeks of the Festival. Long days and a diverse line-up never seemed to faze Kate who consistently kept audiences entertained and coming back for more. She always ensured the show flowed and the energy was kept up for both the audiences and the non-stop line-up of guests that she also looked after” - Greg Clarke, CEO and Director Adelaide Fringe Festival

I’m writing to endorse the talents and skills of Katie Wright. In late 2012 as the Director of a new children’s television series, ‘Hoopla Doopla’, I was on the lookout for 3 highly skilled circus performers with great acting ability to form part of my cast. This proved to be a very difficult task with over 400 auditionees trying out for the various roles. Most had great skills but were lacking on the acting side. Katie was one of the exceptions. She stood out as a natural comedic talent with amazing juggling skills, and an irresistible connection to the camera During the rehearsal phase of the series, I helped Katie develop her character, Mimi. She worked tirelessly, living and breathing her role and brought it to life on the screen. She was full of ideas and always looking for ways to bring added dimension to her character with intelligence and integrity. Katie Wright is a unique talent with a natural gift for comedy and an amazing screen presence. I cannot recommend her highly enough” Mark Barnard Director Ankle Biters Film and Television Drama Director ‘Hoopla Doopla’

Over the past four years, I have been booking Kate Wright for the Festival of Fools International celebration of street theatre and for appearances in a Summer Season we stage in Belfast. During this time, I have enjoyed seeing Kate’s performances as one half of Circus OzStars and as a solo artist in Yvonne Calling. Needless to say, her work has been of a very high quality otherwise she would not have been invited to return on 7 occasions. I have been particularly struck by the versatility and range of Kate’s work and impressed by the developments I have seen in her character work and the construction and evolution of the shows she has produced. As a solo woman performer, Kate has avoided the clichés and well trodden routes of others and instead dared to take risks in her shows – risks which have led to much more interesting journeys for the audience. In addition to the work Kate has created through her own company, I have also booked a number of performances where she has worked as part of the DotComedy team. Again, in these roles, Kate’s work has been outstanding with the creation of strong and memorable characters capable of both working to scripts and improvising with fellow cast members” Will Chamberlain – Director Festival of Fools, Belfast.

Of particular value to me, as a festival director, was Katie’s enthusiastic embrace of the public. The Festival of Fools regularly received unsolicited praise from our patrons commending Katie and her outstanding performances, and she was frequently mentioned as an audience favorite.” Woody Keppel Founder/Director - Festival of Fools, Vermont, USA

Katie Wright brings a whole lot of fun to every performance she does. She has talent and skills that the audiences thoroughly enjoy! Katie knows how to put a smile on your face!” Shelley Switzer Artistic Producer Edmonton International Street Performers Festival – Canada.


I’ve known Kate for many years now, initially from when I used to regularly book her and OzStar Airlines to perform at the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Sunday Market events. The act was excellent and always received well by our audiences and it subsequently went on to tour throughout Europe” Craig Harrison Manager, Artform Development, Country Arts S.A


She's gorgeous and funny- the real deal!" - Jodi Wright, Director Christchurch World Busking Festival (2012) - Worldbuskersfestival.com


We have been working with Katie Wright a lot of times at our International street theatre festival & the reason is very easy to understand - she is making wonderful small performances in the street & the audience in Halmstad loves her! She is always welcome back! - ULF A., Art Director (2012) www.halmstad.se/gatuteater



Really stupid....in a good way! - Brendan Coleman, Festival Director - Fremantle Street Arts Festival (2012)

Katie/Yvonne gets more laughs out of the beauty business than Karl Lagerfeld could ever imagine. Her grounded glamour queen never let’s you forget that under every plastic smile and sprayed-on face there's a real woman fighting to get out - Frank Wilson, Director - Event International (2012)

Great character comedy and first rate circus skills. Stage or street Katie Wright is a charismatic and versatile performer who always delivers' - Brendan Coleman, Festival Director - Fremantle Street Arts Festival (2012)


Kate revealed herself to be someone of immense talent, huge resilience and wicked sense of humour that enabled her to make immediate bonds with the rest of the cast ensemble as well as a non-English speaking crew who all immediately warmed to her. She listened to the director, prepared well in advance and learned an enormous amount” Melinda Wearne , Director Hoopla Doopla.


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